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Published on 03/31/2015

Belgium based Miysis specialises in archiitectural and 3D design visualization. Today, the company renders it's work using more than 50 servers with multicores. 3D Visualization World saw some of the work this company has produced and asked them to write about their growth, approach and interest in 3D and visualization. 

We launched the company in 2007, we were only two at this time. In eight years we had the chance to grow at a very comfortable rhythm. We now have a team of 14 people working full time at Miysis, the average age being 25 years. We love to trust and empower young and passionate people that are just out of school. We have a very dynamic and mativated team that is constantly growing and improving.

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Last year we had the chance to buy a wonderful classic castle that has now become our main office. We are really lucky to work there, it’s a wonderful and comfortable atmosphere and very good for inspiration and the general mood of our team.

What we love about architecture is to transform simple lines, ideas, sketches into realistic pictures and animations. When we produce the first renders of a building, we have this feeling of breathing life into the project. Being the first to discover and see what it will look like is really amazing.

miysis fig2

When we create a picture, everything is done in 3D (buildings, vegetation, details, ...) so we have the possiblity to animate this little world. Everytime we produce an image, we are ready to create an animation if needed. We love transforming still pictures into very cool 3D animations!

We are lucky to call a render farm our own, including more than 50 servers with multicores and lots of memory, in order to render many still pictures or animations at the same time.

miysis fig3

We want to continue improving and creating great animations. Our goal this year is to make better 3D-animated people for the animations, so we are developing tools to handle many photorealistic moving characters. This is the key to really good looking crowd animations.

Another goal we set this year is to test and implement realtime technologies into our workflow. This is the future of Architectural Visualization, so it's time for us to develop this technology.

miysis fig4

We love what we do and try to improve every single day, so trying new techniques is very important. We will keep on improving and producing nice content in the future. So don't hesitate to follow us and comment on our creations, we are always interested in your thoughts and opinions!


Denis Stevens is CEO at Miysis.

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