Season Special: Order Cinema 4D R16 now and get a free R17

Published on 08/21/2015

Season special for cinema 4D
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Season Special: Order Cinema 4D R16 now and get a free R17


August 4, 2015 – MAXON today announced Cinema 4D Release 17 (R17),

a milestone release of its cornerstone 3D animation, graphics, VFX, visualization, and rendering software. Cinema 4D R17 delivers new, expanded and completely reworked features for exceptional performance allowing creatives to more easily and efficiently manage and create outstanding content. Central to Cinema 4D R17 is the new Take System that provides complete and flexible scene handling to manage render layers and animation variations. Also included are new Lens Distortion tools for improved motion tracking, and completely reworked Spline Tools for a more efficient workflow for manipulating points, lines, tangents, arcs and more.

Therefore, a Season Special. Purchase Cinema
4D R16 now and receive a free Cinema 4D R17 in September. This Special is for both new licenses and upgrade licenses. Valid until August 31, 2015. The Special does not hold for educational licenses. 


How does the free upgrade to Cinema 4D R17 work? - valid till August 31, 2015

If you now order a Cinema 4D R16 license, a new license or an upgrade, you get a free MAXON Service Agreement (MSA). With this MSA contract you are entitled for a free upgrade to R17 in September. Further below you will find a description of what an MSA exactly is and what the benefits are.

The regular price of an MSA is dependent on the type of Cinema 4D package. There are four types of Cinema 4D software: Studio (for the professional animator), Broadcast (for the motion graphic designer), Visualize (for the still visual designer such as architects, product designers, photographers) and Prime (for graphic designers who wants to add 3D to their toolset). Click here for more information about: StudioBroadcastVisualize of Prime

And what if you already own Cinema 4D R16? Purchase an MSA contract before August 31, 2015!

If you already own Cinema 4D R16 and you currently know for sure that you want to upgrade to R17, then the most profitable way to get R17 is to purchase an MSA contract before August 31, 2015. The costs for an MSA contract are at least 30% cheaper than the costs for upgrading R16 to R17. For example: MSA Studio is 500,- ex VAT whereas an upgrade Studio R16 to R17 is 750,- ex VAT.
Many people find it a bit scary to sign a contract cause they are afraid not to get rid of it or not be in time to terminate the contract. In that case, the best way is to choose for a Non-Auto-Renewal MSA contract. This is a one-time contract that ends afer a year. You pay the costs now, you get a free R17 sent to you in September, and you have no further obligations. If you decide to extend the contract you can send us an email before August 31, 2016.
Those who wants to stay up-to-date may instead consider an Auto-Renewal MSA contract. The costs on a yearly basis are exactly the same as with a Non-Auto-Renewal MSA contract. The difference is that with an AutoRrenewal version the contract will be automatically extended, unless you terminate the contract in writing 3 months or more before the new contract year begins (thus, before June 1 from each year).

What and why participate in a MAXON Service Agreement (MSA)?

A MAXON Service Agreement (MSA) is a support contract which is optionally available to MAXON customers and for which you pay an annual fee. Participating customers are kept up-to-date with the newest releases of Cinema 4D and/or BodyPaint 3D. As soon as a new software version is available, MSA participants will receive these automatically, allowing participants to immediately take advantage of all new features and advancements. Furthermore, one can expect free telephone support from MAXON and entry to MAXON events. And one has expanded usage rights for a license on a main and secondary computer.

The MAXON Service Agreement is ideal for companies working with fixed budgets - no more surprises when planning next year's expenses.

You can choose between two kinds of MSA.

  • An Auto-Renewal contract. An MSA automatically and tacitly continues for the next year unless you send a written note, at least three months before the new contract period starts, in which you state that you want to terminate the contract.
  • A Non-Auto-Renewal contract. An MSA automatically discontinues for the next year unless you send a written note, at least one month before the contract ends, in which you state that you will continue the contract for another year or want to switch to an Auto-Renewal contract. Many people are hesitant if it comes to assigning a contract. They are afraid of not getting rid of it or might being too late to terminate the contract. For those, a Non-Auto-Renewal contract is the most safe option. 




How to order the Cinema 4D August Special?

  • Order through a Cinema 4D reseller. Always mention which type of MSA contracts you wish to conclude: 1) a Auto-Renewal contract or 2) a Non-Auto-Renewal contract.
  • It is handy if you mention the product codes in your order. If you order an upgrade don't forget to include your current serial number as well.
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