The new A16s3-Ps available soon @ No Trouble

Published on 03/12/2015

ExaSan A16S3-PS available soon

The New A16S3-PS proves to be more than just a powerful storage.

The Performance

One workstation attached to one A08S3-PS
● Performance: up to approximately 2500 MB/s
● Max. Capacity: 64TB (based on 4TB capacity)
With impressive 16 bay SAS/SATA/SSD HDD support, over 2500MB/s read and 2100 MB/s write making A16S3-PS both powerful yet versatile to handle most task associated with 4K editing software and storages. A16S3-PS based on PCIe3.0 technology offer both impressive speed and capacity, which is why production companies select ExaSAN to avoid high cost and complex association with more traditional DAS and SAN solution.

5000MB/s Ultra Speed Double DAS

For users who seek extreme speed, Accusys ExaSAN offers the Z2D HBA card, striping two RAID systems to double the speed. With the upcoming A16S3-PS 16-bay PCIe3.0 RAID system, the total throughput achieved can be up to 5000MB/s. Even a single A16S3 can get 2500MB/s and process multiple video streams.

More info

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