CG 277 ColorEdge monitor is ideal for professionals in pre-press and image processing

Published on 03/12/2015

Eizo CG277

Inspires users with the best image quality


and unique accuracy wherever subtle colour nuances and exact colour tone reproduction are a must. Therefore, the 27-inch ColorEdge monitor is ideal for professionals in pre-press and image processing. The screen features an extra large gamut and a 3D lookup- table to control colour reproduction. The integrated sensor for hardware adjustment ensures precise and automatic configuration of brightness, white balance and hue curve. Once set up, the CG277 only has to be profiled once a year. In the meantime, the automatic self-calibration function ensures stable colours. The user does not need to worry about an interruption to work or losses in quality because the monitor was not calibrated, saving time and money. The integrated Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE) guarantees perfect brightness and colour purity on the entire display.

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