Walking the dog

Published on 09/11/2014

  • Walking the dog

After their successful career in the companies Little Big One and Trix they decided to set up their own company to concentrate more on the international artistically animated projects.
Walking The Dog is based in the centre of Brussels.

Walking The Dog has his own studio facilities, fully equipped, high-end, flexible and conform to tomorrows high-end 3D and 2D film standards. 

Our full digital high-performance network is constructed in function of security, speed, throughput and scalability in function of the needs of a project. 
Also our internet connection for transfer of digital assets is scalable in function of the needs of bandwidth between different locations throughout the world.

The studio has  a constant capacity of 60 workstations and 20 cintiq seats, connected within a central IBRIX storage-network, a renderfarm of 2000 core's and secured storage for over 50TB.
A central editing facility of 2 off-line suites, all connected to a HD projection room, is embedded within the same central configuration. This helps us to follow up a project from traditional animatic to final assembly of the master.

Software is not the issue: following the needs of the project and pipeline, we will try-out and set-up the most favorable combination. However, plenty of licenses of Alias 3DSMAX and XSI are available, Toonboom Harmony, Nuke, Digital Fusion, After FX,... the central rendermanager Deadline, runs it all.

Above all, nice images are not only made due to hardware or software, but above all thanks to talented, mature and nice people from all over the world, we had the chance to work with.

Our stores

  • No Trouble Brussels
    +32 2 248 16 96
    +32 478 24 20 04
    Rue Artan, 120 1030 Bruxelles Belgique
  • No Trouble Genappe
    Rue Bruyère d’Elvigne, 6 1470 Genappe Belgique

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