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Published on 08/21/2015

C4D free Workshop
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Cinema 4D Workshop

General description


Monday June 29, 2015 a Cinema 4D Event takes place in Liege. An noonday full with tech demos and workshops around Cinema 4D, the renowned 3D animation sofware developed by MAXON. The event is free. Location is: rue Delfosse 25 – 4000 Liège. 
This event focuses on the entire community of people and companies who are in any way related and interested in the 3D industry. Whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, animator, editor, architect or product designer, you all are welcome to this event. 

Spoken language of the workshops is English

When: Monday June 29, 2015
Where: Adresse : rue Delfosse 25 – 4000 Liège



13.00 - 14.00: The power of Cinema 4D (tech demo by Lars Scholten, room 1)
13.00 - 14.00: Cinema 4D for photographers and graphic designers (hands-on workshop by Hans Holema, room 2)
14.00 - 15.00: Advanced MoGraph for Dummies: Python Effector Design (hands-on workshop by Douwe Gregoor, room 1)
14.00 - 15.00: Sculpting in Cinema 4D (hands-on workshop by Lars Scholten, room 2)


15.30- 16.30: Advanced MoGraph for Dummies: Python Effector Design (hands-on workshop by Douwe Gregoor, room 1)
15.30- 16.30:  Cinema 4D for photographers and graphic designers (entry level hands-on workshop by Hans Holema, room 2)

Bonus Session

16.30- 17.30: Making 3D models for 3D printing (tech demo by Lars Scholten, room 1)
Description of the presentations
The power of Cinema 4D
In this tech demo Lars Scholten will show how to use the most powerful features of Cinema 4D for broadcasting, motion graphics, film effects, and character animation. Also, the live integration between Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects will be demonstrated.
Cinema 4D for photographers and graphic designers
In this hands-on workshop we experiment with light, especially global illumination, where we use objects as light source. Further we manipulate existing photos by adding 3D objects with the camera cailbration tool.

Workshop leader: Hans Holema is freelance graphic designer and has been working since 1986 with 3D programs. Before his work as a freelancer he worked at Capi Lux Vak and Image Factory where 3D was used since 1997 for extension of photo material. 
Advanced MoGraph for Dummies: Python Effector Design
This hand-on workshop let you immerse into the wonderful world of clones. After a look behind the scenes of the MoGraph module, you step by step take over control in order to impose your own rules of behavior onto the clones. In other words, you build your own Effectors.

Workshop leader: Douwe Gregoor | c4d explorer + instructor at CVO Leuven
Sculpting in Cinema 4D: Sculpt a dragon
In this hands-on workshop it is all about the use of the Material Displacement Channel. First we deal with the technology behind displacement and how we can improve our materials by using it. After a brief trip to the Displacer Deformer we dive into the Sculpt Module of Cinema 4D. We will garnish a polygon model of a dragon with realistic scales, scars and muscles. After this creative process we make the texture so that dragon 2.0 can be rendered in a studio with lighting.

Workshop leader: Lars Scholten.
Lars Scholten is an enthusiastic Freelance CG-artist. Under the name CyBear he works in teamwork on divers 3D animation projects for clients such as UPC, Veronica, Sky Radio and KLM. Lars Scholten is also Cinema 4D trainer for College of MultiMedia in Amsterdam. 
Cinema 4D for 3D printing
How do you prepare a 3D model for 3D printing? What are the pitfalls? In this tech demo Lars Scholten shows the ins and outs of Cinema 4D for 3D printing. 

Spoken language of the workshops is English

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