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Published on 03/09/2017

New FastNas from GB Labs
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Imagine a turnkey shared storage that seamlesslycombines the benefits of hard disk drive (HDD) and solid state drive (SSD) in one box…
Even better than that, imagine if the global leader and pioneer of SSD shared storage and hybrid disk technology was to bring 16 years of experience and development to this box..

..No need to imagine because it’s true and it’s here now. In fact this product isn’t just built for high end post production or broadcasters, it is the ideal storage platform for anybody interested in high performance NAS combined with large capacities at an mazing price point.
The F-16 (16Bay 512 GB Nitro)
GB Labs are proud to announce FastNAS F-16 Nitro, 
nexciting new concept in shared storage – A high performance single unit with unique hybrid disk technology powered by our Core 3 OS Lite. This highly e‹cient OS allows for full utilization of all the components, giving the best translation from disk to network, resulting in an unrivalled user experience of real world performance. Designed for clients in search of larger capacities with storage expansion options, the F-16 Nitro can scale up to 320TB with dynamic single unit expansion. The powerful F-16 Nitro stands head and shoulders above the competition, delivering performance beyond its 16 disk configuration, thanks to the revolutionary Nitro hybrid boost technology and GB Labs unique Velocity RAID Engine.
The combined performance of the F-16 Nitro is up to 3000MB/sec and the stream performance is way beyond anything in its class.
Velocity RAID Engine
Optimized for AV usage and low latency response, the Velocity RAID Engine (VRE) is at the very heart of the FastNAS experience. This unique technology offers superb performance using minimal system resources and offering lightning fast random access capabilities. VRE offers industrial grade resilience and rock solid protection of your assets in either RAID 6 or RAID 5.
Nitro – Hybrid Boost
Nitro is our intelligent hybrid disk technology, developed by the team that brought you the award winning HyperSpace Solid State Accelerator. This is not just cache and this is not a general purpose hybrid. Nitro is specifically designed for real world usage and brings dramatic enhancement to collaborative media workflows, offering close to a pure SSD experience.
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