Published on 08/29/2014

  • Deltacast

We currently provide a range of cost-effective video boards that, with our SDK software, can be used in OEM products to create professional broadcast custom solutions and products.

DELTACAST has a background which goes back to 1986, when starting general FPGA design and generating a strong expertise in imaging applications.

In 1989, the company started serving the broadcast industry with OEM custom designs. Shortly after this, dedicated software for the OEM solutions was a logical continuation.

Already well established in the broadcast industry in 1998 with various broadcast applications, DELTACAST started with the design of OEM video interface boards.

Today DELTACAST is located in Ans - Belgium and provides the widest range of cost-effective video boards for broadcast applications with a worldwide customer base.

For more general information about DELTACAST's OEM proposal, please visit the OEM Philosophy page.

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