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Published on 03/12/2015

From small screen to big box office.

Tap into the power of Premiere Pro on your iPhone and iPad with the new connected mobile app, Premiere Clip. Turn the clips you shoot on your device into great-looking videos, and then bring them into Premiere Pro CC to take them further.

Adobe Premiere Clip is a fun tool that makes it super easy to use your iPhone or iPad to create videos.

Your of-the-moment videos don't just have to live in isolation on your mobile device; they can come together to tell a story. Editing your separate clips into a single movie can make a big impact because you decide exactly what to show — leaving the dull parts out. Combining your digital snapshots and videos into a single movie that you can edit, add music to, and share with friends is where Premiere Clip comes in. You can getAdobe Premiere Clip in the App Store.

Apply some edits and finishing touches

In this video I show you how to shorten a clip, duplicate a clip — as a cutaway — slow down a clip, adjust the volume of a clip, add a title card, import a short movie file from my Creative Cloud account, apply some uniform color adjustments across all the clips, and finally add a soundtrack to the movie.

Share or export the movie

In this video I show you how easy it is to share your finished movie with friends — or the community of Premiere Clip users.

I also show you how to export the movie to your Creative Cloud account so you can work on it later in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.


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